Compact design with an industrial heritage!

Packs a punch

Advanced software algorithms and 30 ksi pump pressure drive the fastest and most efficient cutting for its size. Cuts virtually any material up to 1 inch thick. Ideal for light commercial applications and educational institutions where cutting time matters.

Designed to fit into your space

The ProtoMAX unit integrates the cutting components and pump into a compact footprint making it ideal for small or space-constrained machine shops, maker spaces and classroom style workshops. Casters allow for easy movement.

Start cutting parts right away

Our powerful software makes converting drawings to cutting paths easy. Setting the machine up to cut and securing your material in place is quick and simple.

Easy to install

Casters allow ProtoMAX to be moved into place easily and the unit can be plugged into a standard 240VAC outlet. We've streamlined the ProtoMAX to minimize assembly steps and time and our online help videos walk you through the whole process.

Powerful functionality built right in!

Create your own drawings from scratch

Our Intelli-MAX software was designed exclusively for waterjet and includes features you would expect from most CAD packages. It also features waterjet-specific tools, like cut quality and lead-in/lead-out, which help create the right part the first time.

Easily use drawings from other CAD programs

No need for additional 3rd party software when using other CAD systems or drawings. Intelli-MAX LAYOUT supports files from other CAD programs including .dxf, .dwg, .ord, .ai, .pdf, and .svg formats. Importing into LAYOUT is one easy step.

No CAD drawing, no problem

Intelli-TRACE allows you to take an image from a camera, the web, or just about anywhere else and convert it to a vector drawing. Built-in tools help you get your drawing ready to cut. Go from picture to part without additional software.

Cutting Area 12" x 12"
Max Material Thickness  1.00"

Linear Positional Accuracy ±0.005"
Repeatability ±0.003"
Traverse Speed 100 inches per minute (IPM)

Pump Type 5 HP, Direct Drive
Cutting Pressure 30,000 PSI
High Pressure Water Flow Rate 14' 11" x 11' 5"

Component Dimension
Orifice Internal Diameter 0.008"
Mixing Tube 2.25" long; 0.030" Internal Diameter

Utility Requirements (Water & Electrical)
Electrical 240VAC / 60 Hz, 30 amp circuit; NEMA L14-30 Receptacle, 10' cord
Environment 50 to 90 °F (10-32 °C) ambient temperature with 95% or less humidity

Location and Foundation
Intended for use indoors; must be placed on a hard, level, solid, non-porous, flame resistant surface. A concrete floor is recommended.

Water Supply
Minimum Input Water Pressure 45-85 PSI
Minimum Flow Rate 0.75 GPM
Temperature Required 45-80 °F

Flow rate 0.25 lbs. per minute
Recommended size 80 mesh
Hopper Capacity 14 lbs.

  • Maximum Performance For Size
  • Maximum Performance For Size5 HP pump generating 30,000 PSI best in class cutting power
  • Up to 1" cutting thickness over a variety of materials
  • Our proven direct drive pump technology is efficient and reliable
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • Software designed for abrasive waterjet cutting. Easy to set up and use - the industry gold standard
  • Small footprint, perfect for small spaces, fits through standard doorway
  • Pre-Install Kit to help you prepare for rapid setup
  • System and all required components needed to start cutting arrive in one package
  • Arrives with additional tools and replacement parts to minimize downtime
  • Comes with a laptop, pre-configured with ProtoMAX control software
  • 3-4 hour install after unpacking
  • Manual Z-Axis (cutting head)
  • Mobile Unit: Pump and system are on casters making relocation simple and easy
  • Safety and Relability
  • Quiet/Clean underwater cutting (Approx. 76 db)
  • Automatic pump shutdown during cutting when lid is raised
  • Precision X and Y drive components inside protective sealed bellows
  • Stainless steel ultra-flex sleeving protects HP plumbing
  • Industrial light projected onto cutting bed
  • Equipped with high-pressure transducer and safety relief valve to optimize cutting speed and safety
  • Material holding clamps for securing material
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Pump stops during non-cutting traverses saving electricity
  • Garnet usage is minimized with optimal pressure and cutting models
  • System is configured with a variable frequency drive for high performance motor control that reduces energy consumption and maintenanceEasy to Service. Garnet collection bins reduce frequency of tank cleaning and minimize garnet particle release
  • Removable side panels for easy service access. Minimal service required. Removable cutting bed - comes with 12 slats
  • Pump assembly returned to OMAX for repair or remanufacture. Easy-to-follow online manuals and for operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting

Features and Benefits

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