SLTL Fibo Cell Robotic Solution

The industry is moving fast, to meet it’s growing demand and to keep pace with its growth, it is important that we equip our factories with most advanced tools. SLTL Group introduces Fibo Cell. It is an advanced robotic automation system capable of carrying various operations. The robotic automation system when integrated with different modules it could perform tasks like hardening, cladding, welding, remote welding and cutting. With Fibo Cell’s high precise operations and efficient working, the productivity of the factory increases. It can be customized according to the need of business. With Fibo Cell is equipped with remote welding which allows you to control welding operations from distances. Henceforth, making it anytime-anywhere accessible machine.

Hardening process

Laser hardening is intended to increase the mechanical resistance of the material. It is also called surface-layer hardening. Heat treatment followed by rapid cooling effects selective change and transformation of the structure.

Cladding Process

Laser Cladding or Laser Deposition is a processing technique used for adding one material to the surface of another in a controlled manner.

Cutting Operations

As a disjoining procedure the laser cutting counts as significant building block of the repertoire of laser applications.

Remote Welding

Remote welding uses a relatively long focusing optic (hence “remote”) and scanning mirror(s) to maneuver the focused beam over the work piece. But what really increases the beam on time is the significant reduction in off time.

Welding Operations

Laser welding creates inseparable bonds between individual components. In this way, differentiation is made between surface heat conduction welding and deep welding, where the materials are melted at depth.

Features and Benefits

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