SLTL Elite Fiber Laser Marking Machine

SLTL Group the innovators for laser solutions have introduced a high-end portable laser marking machine; ELITE. The smart solution is integrated with camera vision technology which makes it highly effective for the precise marking even on the smallest components. The machine is designed with keeping comfort & easy movement in mind for the best output of the machine.

Elite is a portable machine, keeping compactness as its base advantage the machine can be easily moved from one place to another. This sturdy solution is best suitable when your component size is small and the marking is to be done accurately. Elite is a true desktop solution which is highly preferred by the hallmarking centres.

LaserFiber Laser
Laser PowerW20 | 30 | 50
Mode of OperationPulsed
Max. Peak PowerkW>7.5
Operating TemperatureUp to 40 °C
LensF – Theta
Wave Lengthnmλ = 1060 ±10
Marking Areamm150 x 150 / 100 x 100 / 70 x 70 (Optional)
Beam (Ø)**micron30 – 60
Working Areamm320 x 200
Overall Size (L*B*H)mm850 x 500 x 700
Gross Weightkg65
Actuator Travel (Motorized)mm80
Maximum Job LoadkgWith Space = 10 & Without Space = 15
Aesthetic Jewelery Marking

Elite is the perfect solution for marking on narrow spaces and applications involving various shapes and sizes such as accessories and jewellery articles. Specifically designed for jewellery marking the machine is created to minimize material wastage and imprint the finest laser marking details on precious metals like platinum, gold and silver.

Quick and Efficient

This laser system is essentially compact to start work without any space concerns. Just plug it in, switch it on and the operation starts in a few seconds. This portable laser-marking machine accords excellent performance, efficiency, easy maintenance and low cost the same time ensuring user-friendly laser marking operations.

Intuitively Process Varied Sizes

There is no need to design a complex mechanism to adjust the height of the marker during product changeover. Elite the compact marking solution is specifically designed for small and medium component sizes. The removable flaps, intuitive control, and wide variety of options make it convenient and intuitive to use on different applications.

Simple Operation

The intuitively operated Elite is one of the best solutions enabling easy processing of various jewellery articles in no time. The user-friendly interface allows this smart system to mark single lines, double lines, and circular markings in just a single click. Additionally, this system can be operated with ease, allowing users to quickly add, change or modify the data in no time.

Camera Vision Driven Marking / TTL Technology

A built-in camera in elite helps to create a platform for precise and accurate marking. This technology allows configuring with the software and easily fetching the marking data for swift marking on different materials. Enabled with TTL technology, the futuristic laser marking machine- Elite can precisely imprint the hallmarking data as well as customized marking options to intricate jewellery pieces.

Superficial Design Fume Extractor

An ergonomic machine designed for effective marking, engraving and hallmarking the jewellery comes with a superficially designed fume extractor. Elite becomes a must-buy for the jewellery industry with its ability to collect the generated fumes and store them to nullify material wastage while processing precious materials.

Motorized Axis for Faster Focusing

The Elite laser marking machine is equipped with advanced technology that allows for faster and more precise focusing. The machine is designed with motorized axis movement, which enables it to quickly adjust the laser beam to the appropriate position for marking components of various sizes. This feature ensures that the final marking impression is of the highest quality, with sharp and clear markings that are easy to read.

Features and Benefits

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