This economic version of deburring machine can also be used in various operations from small workshops to huge factories.

A deburring machine is a machine that bridges the gap between the grinding/sanding and chamfering line.  Its primary use is to remove the burrs on the end of the material after the material has been cut.  Its advantage is being able to remove burrs from tube, pipe, square, rectangle, solid, angle, channel, etc., without changing tooling or need attachments.

Technical Specification

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  • Single head Burr removal station
  • Brush Od 300mm x 300mm
  • Easy and fast deburring off all kind of profiles
  • 2HP, 960 RPM electric motor reverses direction when part carrier contacts limit switch
  • 3 to 4 cycles per minute
  • Inner and Outer borders included
  • Suitable for off-hand application.
  • In build burr collection system with all safety features.
  • Low cost, compact
  • Removes burrs quickly and completely regardless of workpiece geometry
  • Lateral surface finishes not affected
  • A portable system can be set up quickly
  • Requires minimal operator training and skill

Features and Benefits

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