Monoblock construction design for easy transport. Cutting table with drawers helps to collect the cut parts easier. Strong and high mechanical accuracy ± 0.1 mm, axis positioning accuracy ± 0.02mm. Axis positioning speed 30m/min, automatic torch height control, torch protection system for crashes. Fast part expansions possibility with auto nesting software.

Standard Equipment

• Hyperterm Cutting Head
• Hyperterm Power Source
• Plasma oxygen torch
• CNC control unit
• Cable trays
• Servo Motor and driver
• Cutting table
• CAD/CAM software
• Moving control panel system

Optional Equipment

• Pipe Cutting System

• Profile Cutting System
• Angled Cutting System
• Oxy Cutting Head
• Plasma filter unit
• Automatic Gas Console
• CAD/CAM Software
• True Hole Technology
• Automatic ignition system

  • Windoes based CNC control unit
  • Strong construciton desing for high speeds
  • Drive gives smooth and without vibration motion
  • Helix rack & pinion drive system
  • Which gives smoot and fast motion
  • Automatic torch height control
  • Shape library of simple parts programmable feature
  • Material and time saving with auto nesting software
  • AC servo controlled axis
  • Cutting base table adaptable with vacuum system

Features and Benefits

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