SLTL – The World First manufacturer of Fiber Laser Cutting system has introduced ‘Vector’ fiber laser cutting machine, considering specific needs of metal cutting industry. The word vector itself essentially means “line”. Therefore the designing and cutting process relies on lines to create the desired output. The laser starts at a predetermined point and continues along the course of the line until the shape has been cut out. Thus this machine provides a valuable function for sign makers and those working with digital graphics because it allows designs to be cut out of a wide range of substrates with the high accuracy and quality that is provided by vector cutting. The machine also comes with innovative auto nozzle cleaning and changing feature.

Working Range
3015             4020             6520          6525
X Axis
1550 (61") 2050(80") 2050 (80") 2500 (100")
Y Axis
3100 (122") 4100 (161") 6500(256") 6500(256")
Z Axis
160 (6")
Max. Acceleration
2G 2G 1G
Simultaneous Speed
120 m/min 120 m/min 60m/min
 4723"/min        4723"/min       2361"/min
Precision Accuracy
(+-) 0.050) mm (0.002")
(+-) 0.020) mm (0.001")
Max. Workpiece Weight
1000kg(2200#) 1300kg(2860#) 3100kg(6820#) 3100kg(6820#)
  • Matchless Efficiency - Even drives could increase your electrical consumption. The Eco friendly Vector comes with the power efficient technology consuming less than 10 units per hour. The Fiber Laser System offers 50% energy savings among other laser cutting technologies, the state of art fume suction technology exceeds the fume suction methodology by removing more than 90% of fumes from the laser cut environment and thus making Vector a very effecient model for metal cutting process.
  • Advanced Control with Intelligent Nesting - The optimized nesting software has a greater role to play in reducing the material wastage & working time. Features like common Cut, Dream Sequence, Late Cut, Corner Loop & much more provides the most efficient planning for the profile.
  • Dynamic Edge Control - A laser, when properly focused and set for a material, cuts a part with an edge with a mirror-like surface, the top edge remains square, and the bottom edge is smooth to the touch. Dynamic edges control (DEC) that decreases inflammation and color on the power sides of the synchronized laser with axial motion through the system. The cutting system operates laser power with the axis speed via dynamic edge control (DEC) mechanism which reduces burn and striation at the edges.
  • Head Crash Protection - Vector provides complete reliable and safe working operation with its intelligent technology which have inbuilt sensors scan for any protruding particles on the cutting table allowing  the cutting head to automatically move to home position in case of any collision between the work piece and the head. In case of any such disturbances in the working profile, the smart technology helps to overcome the collateral damage – work piece and the cutting head by, stopping the laser head’s movement until the path is cleared.
  • Auto Nozzle Changeover - The system is upgraded for changing nozzle automatically at certain intervals. The feature is responsible for frictionless cutting experience with fewer operational efforts. 
  • Safety at its best - Though the laser machine utilizes the powerful laser, yet it is designed with supreme safety standards that enables secure execution across the facilities. Safety has been enhanced in this system with light curtains, hermetically sealed cabinet (lp55), door interlocks. Laser safety windows keeps the laser radiation intact inside the machine while the marking processes. 

Features and Benefits

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