SLTL Vector 2D Fiber Laser

SLTL – The World First manufacturer of Fiber Laser Cutting system has introduced ‘Vector’ fiber laser cutting machine, considering specific needs of metal cutting industry. The word vector itself essentially means “line”. Therefore the designing and cutting process relies on lines to create the desired output. The laser starts at a predetermined point and continues along the course of the line until the shape has been cut out. Thus this machine provides a valuable function for sign makers and those working with digital graphics because it allows designs to be cut out of a wide range of substrates with the high accuracy and quality that is provided by vector cutting. The machine also comes with innovative auto nozzle cleaning and changing feature.

Laser Power 4 kW 6 kW 8 kW 10 kW 12 kW 15 kW
Cutting Thickness*mm (inch)
Mild Steel 22 (7/8″) 25 (1″) 25 (1″) 25 (1″) 25 (1″) 25 (1″)
Stainless Steel (o₂) 10 (3/8″) 10 (3/8″) 10 (3/8″) 10 (3/8″) 10 (3/8″) 10 (3/8″)
Stainless Steel (N₂) 10 (3/8″) 16 (5/8″) 20 (3/4″) 25 (1″) 30 (19/16″) 30 (19/16″)
Aluminum 10 (3/8″) 16 (5/8″) 20 (3/4″) 25 (1″) 30 (19/16″) 30 (19/16″)
Brass 8 (5/16") 12 (1/2″) 16 (5/8″) 16 (5/8″) 20 (3/4″) 20 (3/4″)
Copper 6 (1/4″) 8 (5/16") 10 (3/8″) 12 (1/2″) 12 (1/2″) 12 (1/2″)
GI 3 (1/8″)* 3 (1/8″)* 3 (1/8″)* 3 (1/8″)* 3 (1/8″)* 3 (1/8″)*
Power Consumption** 24 kW 32 kW 40 kW 48 kW 56 kW 68 kW
Working Area 3015 4020
X axis 1550 (61″) 2100 (82″)
Y axis 3100 (122″) 4100 (161″)
Z axis 150 (6″) 150 (6″)
Max. Acceleration 3 G 2 G
Simultaneous Speed 180 m/min 140 m/min
Position Accuracy (±)0.050 mm/meter (0.002″) (±)0.050 mm/meter (0.002″)
Repeatability (±)0.020 mm/meter (0.001″) (±)0.020 mm/meter (0.001″)
Work Piece Weight 900 kg 1650 kg
Loading and Unloading Automation

Vector is equipped with the benefits of loading and unloading automation which includes increased productivity, reduced labour costs, improved safety, minimized product damage, faster turnaround times, and enhanced overall supply chain efficiency. By automating these critical processes, businesses can achieve greater operational efficiency, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring timely and accurate productivity.

Head Crash Protection

Vector provides complete reliable and safe working operation with its intelligent technology which has inbuilt sensors to scan for any protruding particles on the cutting table allowing the cutting head to automatically move to the home position in case of any collision between the workpiece and the head. In case of any such disturbances in the working profile, the smart technology helps to overcome the collateral damage – the workpiece and the cutting head by, stopping the laser head’s movement until the path is cleared.

Auto Nozzle Changeover

The system is upgraded for changing the nozzle automatically with a single operation. The nozzle changeover mechanism will work flawless for the finest metal processing and eliminating human error for nozzle changeover. The feature is responsible for a frictionless cutting experience with fewer operational efforts.

Class One Enclosure

Though the laser machine utilizes a powerful laser, it is designed with supreme safety standards for secure process execution across the facilities. The CE Complied machines are designed and developed using a Class-1 laser safety enclosure structure to nullify the damages that may happen to the operators or nearby environment while the machine is in the operational stage.

Multi Stage Piercing

Even when there are many individual piercings, the method is reliable for extremely fast piercing, resulting in less idle time and eliminate the material deformation of thick sheets. 2 Stage Piercing remarkably improves the efficiency of the laser-cutting machine, by significantly reducing the piercing time. While, 3 Stage Piercing is one of the most advanced features of this robust Laser Cutting Machine, specifically designed to ensure the effective processing of higher material thicknesses.

Anti-collision Mechanism

The anti-collision mechanism consists of snip, sew and parabolic leaps, this minimizes non-productive times which can happen due to parts tipping over when cutting thin sheet metal, and ensures that the sheet cut-out pieces do not collide with the laser head while processing and makes your machine permanently productive.

Matchless Efficiency

The Eco-friendly Vector comes with power-efficient technology, which ultimately reduces the running cost of the machine. The Fiber Laser System offers 50% energy savings among other laser cutting technologies, and state of art fume suction technology exceeds the fume suction methodology by removing more than 90% of fumes from the laser cutting environment. Thus making Vector the most efficient model for the metal-cutting process.

Dynamic Edge Control

A laser, when properly focused and set for a material, cuts a part with a sharp edge. Dynamic Edge Control (DEC) decreases inflammation on the edges of the processing materials, synchronized laser with axial motion through the system. The cutting system operates laser power with the axis speed via the dynamic edge control (DEC) mechanism which reduces burning effects at the edges.

Safety at Its Best

The pioneering fiber laser cutting machines are designed to ensure that enhanced Safety with a class 1 enclosure, light curtains, a hermetically sealed cabinet (lp55), and door interlocks. Laser safety windows keep the laser radiation intact inside the machine while the cutting process.

Features and Benefits

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