The SLTL Hertz handheld laser welding system combines the fundamental qualities of an ultra-portable device with uncompromising performance. With our new design, the product’s overall volume has been reduced dramatically. This results in an extremely productive and powerful system. This device is a perfect integration of SLTL Group’s Laser Welding Technology and reliable portable structure. The System is a fit for complex components as well as large and small components. 

Wave Length
1080 nm

Mode of Operation
Continuous Wave (CW)

Wall - Plug Efficiency

Laser Power
Upto 2 kW

Out Power Turning Range
10 - 100%

Emission Modulation
Upto 5kHz

Overall Size
1180mm x 665mm x 1100mm

Operation Voltage
1 phase (A.C) (230V- 50Hz)

Wire Feeder, Wobbling Head
  • Portability With Performance - This is a power packed system with compact structure ready to move around your work floor.
  • Eliminating Consumables - Fiber Laser allows to operate without any additive or consumables to the welding process.
  • High Quality Welding Seam - The welding seam is smooth, with less taper allowing users to save time on polishing. 
  • Superior Weld Strength - Laser Welding provides stronger weld joint strength than traditional welding methods.

Features and Benefits

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