This SLTL Neo machine is crafted to settle in any environment and start operation in seconds. NEO laser can cover a broad range of application areas. As there is no need for a separate supply unit, the marking laser is extremely space saving to install. The adaptability of Neo is to work over many materials with promptness and precision. Be it large factories, medium enterprises or small-scale unit, our supreme laser marking machine Neo is a perfect match for all of them, Integration in the entire system is easy due to the comprehensive interfaces. The robust components remain extremely low-maintenance in the long term. Their excellent price-performance ratio means that the one box lasers are particularly suitable as entry-level models for laser marking.

Laser Power
20 Watt | 30 Watt | 50 Watt
Marking Laser
λ = 1064nm laser ; Class 4 Fiber Laser
Guide laser / pointer
Red semiconductor Laser λ = 655nm ; Class 2 Laser
Scan speed
12,000 mm / second
≤ 80 Micron
Working Area
320 x 320 mm
File format for logo data
Marking shape
Linear, proportional, monospaced, arced
Character types
English uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, symbols, user-registered characters
Standard Codes, Pharma Code, Code 39, Code 128, ITF, NW-7, UPC, etc…..
2D codes
QR Code, Micro QR Code, Data Matrix, GS1 Data Matrix, HIBC Code, etc…..
Communication Ports
USB connector B, I/O input and output, Emergency
Marking condition 
Cooling method
Controller: forced air cooling / Head: natural air cooling
Power supply
180 to 264V AC, 50 / 60Hz ( Single Phase)
Power consumption
20 Watt - 145 W | 30 Watt - 180 W |50 Watt - 240 W|  (240V AC)
Ambient temperature
0 to +40°C (controller, head). No dew condensation or icing allowed.
Ambient humidity
35% to 85% RH (controller, head). No dew condensation or icing allowed.
Protective structure
IP 51
Operating System (Sold Seperately)
Window 7 / Window 8 / Window 10 Professional
Computer System
Machine Dimension
L x B X H =  550 x 550 x 620 mm (Without Workstion) |  L x B X H = 550 x 550 x 1500 mm (With Workstion)
Machine Weight
35 Kg (Without Workstion) | 100 Kg (With Workstion)
  • Engineered to precisely match coding with high speed - Machine specializes in special high pulse frequency. The fast marking process is due to the high-speed dynamic scanner module fit into the standard. Software-controlled Focal Position Adjustments enable you to mark step components in the same operation, without the need for mechanical movement.
  • Seamlessly Suitable in production line - Compact mechanical design meets with multiple beam options which simplifies integration, seamless & easy integration on all the applications which gives exact & zero error marking. This Compact yet powerful Laser marking  system gets synced with any sort of production lines. As it is really  portable system that enables marvelous functionality across the premises.
  • Profound productivity - It is a compact laser machine that extends the excellent performance, efficiency, easy maintenance in budget. It ensures smooth and swift operations with best quality result. As it does not require much of the space, it can adjust into any premise.
  • Highly Intuitive Software - High Performance software application  that extends a smooth and a fully automatic  production flow. Its application are versatile, adaptable & easy to handle, our user interfaces  for engraving & marking,  which features operations,  that are user friendly, flexible & traceable.
  • Fume Extractor - Fumes are potentially dangerous for people’s health, it should be reduced or extracted from the area where welding fume collects. SLTL offers effective solutions for the extraction of  fumes. When fumes are captured effectively while marking, it will prevent the polluted air from spreading all over the premises. The machine areas, tools, products, offices and rest areas will stay clean as no dust and fumes will fall down anymore. It can also reduce health problems throughout , such as occupational asthma and eye irritation.
  • Adjustable Height - Being an industrial machine accommodating critical components with varying sizes, the focal point of Laser can be precisely adjusted with the up and down movement of the bed.

Features and Benefits

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