SLTL Neo Fiber Laser Marking Machine

One of the best solutions developed by Laser Experts is NEO, which is crafted to settle in any environment and start operation in seconds. NEO laser marking machine can cover a broad range of application areas and it is adaptable to work on many materials with promptness and precision. Be it large factories, medium enterprises or small-scale units, our supreme fiber laser marking machine Neo is a perfect match for all of them, integration in the entire system is easy due to its comprehensive interfaces. These lasers can cover a broad range of application areas. With an ultrafine marking impression for metal, non-metal marking Neo can incredibly imprint over smaller to larger components.

Unit Without Table With Table
Laser TypeFiber LaserFiber Laser
Laser PowerW20 | 30 | 50 | 6020 | 30 | 50 | 60
Mode of OperationPulsedPulsed
Max. Peak PowerkW>7.5>7.5
Operating TemperatureUp to 40 °CUp to 40 °C
LensF – ThetaF – Theta
Wave Lengthnm1060 ±101060 ±10
Marking Areamm180 x 180180 x 180
Working Areamm320 x 320450 x 320
Overall Size (L*B*H)mm550 x 550 x 620550 x 550 x 1500
Gross Weightkg35100
Travel (Manual/Motorized)mm300300
Maximum Job Loadkg100100
Engineered To Match Coding With Speed

SLTL’s Neo specializes in special high pulse frequency. The fast marking process is due to the high-speed dynamic scanner module fitting into the standard. Software-controlled Focal Position Adjustments enable you to mark multiple components in the same operation, without the need for mechanical movement.

Seamlessly Integrable In the Production Line

Compact mechanical design meets with multiple options which simplify integration, on all the applications and give exact error-free marking. This Compact yet powerful Laser marking system gets synced with all sorts of production lines. Being an ultra-portable machine Neo enables marvellous functionality across the premises.

Quick and Efficient

This laser system is essentially compact to start work without any space concerns. Just plug it in, switch it on and the operation starts in a few seconds. Being a portable laser-marking machine; Neo accords excellent performance, efficiency, easy maintenance and low cost at the same time ensuring user-friendly laser marking operations.

Intuitive & High-Performance Software

With in-house expertise, SLTL has developed hi-tech software for the most effective marking and engraving applications. The intelligent software extends a smooth and fully automatic production flow. The software’s user interfaces for engraving & marking application is easy to use, flexible & traceable as well making it a perfect solution for everyone in the industry.

Adjustable Height

The smart machines are developed considering the industry’s demands and focusing on that, SLTL has brought up a laser marking machine with a height adjustment function. Being an industrial machine accommodating critical components of varying sizes, the focal point of the Laser can be precisely adjusted with the up and down movement of the working area keeping the component intact and in the perfect position to mark precisely.

Modular Product Architecture

SLTL’s machine – Neo offers high contrast, and superficial marking at the highest speed and is focused on compactness owing to a modular product architecture structure. The machines come with different model options and can be modified in the future as per growing needs. This feature enables the machine to be upgraded as and when needed at the same time Neo can permanently mark the details on the material surface or in-depth as per requirement.

Features and Benefits

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