SLTL Flexy Portable Marking Laser

With a portable laser marking machine which allows flexibility in today’s workplace, SLTL designed and developed the Akshar Fiber Laser Marking Machine- Flexy. It is a portable and handheld, manual marking/engraving model which provides mobility for convenient operation and helps to reach spots that are hard to access with fixed machines (for example, with large parts, heavy metals, and extraordinary forms). Due to versatile application compatibility, Flexy can conveniently print on various components like heavy jobs (can’t be kept on the machine), fixed machines or parts which can’t be relocated, aircraft, ships, and other such structures for hassle-free marking in minimal time ensuring the permanent marks.

LaserMutimode Pump Diode Fiber Laser
Laser PowerW20 | 30 | 50
Mode of OperationPulsed
Max. Peak PowerkW>7.5
Operating TemperatureUp to 40 °C
LensF – Theta
Wave Lengthnm1060 ±10
Marking Areamm100 x 100
Repeatabilitymicron≤ 80
Hand Held Unit Weightkg3
Hand Held Unit Dimension (L*B*H)mm430 x 90 x 100
With Marking Focus Stand (L*B*H)mm430 x 90 x 300
Machine Weightkg150
Machine Dimension (L*B*H)mm800 x 560 x 1200
Efficiency at Best

Flexy marking machine portrays supreme execution on many types of materials. It is designed to be very quick with the highest level of flexibility. This portable laser-marking machine accords excellent performance, efficiency, easy maintenance and low cost at the same time ensuring user-friendly laser marking operations.

Small Package/Compact/Portable

It is a compact laser machine that extends the excellent performance, efficiency, easy maintenance in budget. It ensures smooth and swift operations with best quality result. As it does not require much of the space, it can adjust into any premise.

A Class Apart Marking Execution

A High-speed, high-precision machine- Flexy effortlessly executes the marking on all dimensions of metals. This system has been infused with matchless speed and can work on many components fast and efficiently. Its extremely sharp beam profile allows accurate marking with faster speed. Using our flexy, get rid of those prints that fade away with time.

Reduced Operating Costs

Whether you are incorporating a new manufacturing business or opting for an upgrade, Flexy delivers an unmatched price and outcome ratio. Combined with the sheer speed and convenience, this smart solution is highly beneficial for the marking or printing of permanent impressions which is not possible w.r.t. conventional processes and is way more economical as there are no additional consumables required for processing.

Fast Focal Position Adjustment

Flexy can be utilised immediately on the application, and the marking is exact, accurate, and permanent owing to the variable beam expansion, which enables you to alter the focal position quickly on any application. Flexy can be directly used on different materials & marking is possible with precision. Such automation makes these fiber laser marking machines a must-buy for industrial requirements.

Flexibility at Its Best

The handheld laser marking machine is the best solution to mark giant structures with ease. Ensuring flexibility, there is no need to design a complex mechanism to adjust the height of the marker during product changeover. Flexy is a portable marking solution specifically designed for giant component sizes which can’t be taken to the machine. The intuitive control and wide variety of options make it convenient and intuitive to use on different applications.

Conveniently Process Multiple Materials

The Flexy is a versatile machine that can handle multiple applications with ease. Its advanced software allows for easy switching between marking data, making it a convenient option for a variety of materials. The system is designed for ease of use, and produces high-quality, permanent markings that are both visually pleasing and long-lasting. It is a smart choice for anyone looking for a reliable, efficient marking solution.

Features and Benefits

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