SLTL Rex Fiber Laser Marking Machine

SLTL is acknowledged for introducing ground-breaking solutions and one such development is the ultra-compact Laser Marking Machine- Rex. This machine is crafted to settle in any environment and start operations in no time. The adaptability of Rex enables it to work over many materials with promptness and precision. Be it large factories, medium enterprises or small-scale units, our supreme laser marking machine Rex is the perfect match for all of them. It is equipped with Intuitive and user-friendly software and can perform numerous applications such as engraving, Marking serial numbers, text, barcodes, logo, circular, etc. Being the most compact system, it is highly preferred where there is a space constraint like gift shops for customization and others.

LaserMultimode Pump Diode Fiber Laser
Laser PowerW20
Mode of OperationPulsed
Maximum Peak PowerkW>7.5
Operating TemperatureUp to 40 °C
Wave Lengthnm1060 ±10
Marking Areamm150 x 150, 100 (Optional)
RepeatabilityMicron≤ 80
Working Areamm150 x 150
Overall Sizemm850 x 180 x 610
Gross Weightkg45
Maximum Loadkg5
SoftwareMark Pro
Plug & Play Marking

This laser system is essentially compact to start work without any space concerns. Just plug it in, switch it on and the operation starts in no time. This portable laser-marking machine accords excellent performance, efficiency, easy maintenance and low cost at the same time ensuring user-friendly laser marking operations.

Redefined Compactness

One of the most significant advantages of the Rex laser marking machine is its compact size. The machine is designed to be as small as a CPU to fit into tight spaces, making it ideal for facilities with limited floor space. Overall, the Rex is a perfect solution for facilities that need a compact, efficient and functional laser marking machine. Its small size, high-quality marks, and easy operation make it an ideal addition to any production line.

Lightest Marking System

The Rex laser marking system is not only compact, but it also boasts a lightweight structure. Its lightweight design allows for greater flexibility in terms of placement and installation. The weightlessness of the Rex laser marking system also makes it easier to maintain and adds to its efficient processing.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Software

The Rex is integrated with intuitive and user-friendly software, with a simple interface that allows operators to easily navigate through the different functions and settings of the machine. Its ability to import and store a wide variety of file formats, and advanced features, make it an ideal laser marking solution.

Para Matrix & Para Vault

Intelligent functions of SLTL’s Laser marking machines have an in-built virtual vault created for storing the best laser marking parameters of previously marked materials. Making the marking operations most convenient, the Para matrix helps in determining the best laser marking result on any given material in no time. This feature helps even those who have very less knowledge about laser marking machine operation to mark or engrave effectively.

Features and Benefits

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