With fast welding speed, high efficiency, small heat affected zone, high melting temperatures,  high heat conductivity and good welding joints quality, the high power laser welding machine NOVA from SLTL has become an important equipment in industrial laser welding. NOVA is designed to give high welding joints quality with the stable output power of laser device, stable and reliable operation, high consistency of processing and strength which not only enhance the quality and life of the material welded but gives visually flawless seams. It has outstanding Pulse power and energy stability. From years SLTL has given best Laser welding solutions for many Industries like Automotive, Medical, Tubes and Pipes, and Jewelry. SLTL Laser Welding Machine not only develops superior welding machine but also provides suitable welding application solutions for customers.

 Y axis
 200 mm

 Z axis
 200 mm

 1070 pm

 Pulse Duration*
 0.05-50 ms

 Wall Plug Efficiency

 Overall size (L x W x H)
 1240 mm X 795 mm X 1520 mm

 Mode of operations
 Pulsed / Continuous wave (CW)

 Average Power(W) / Peak Power(W)

 Maxima Pulse Energy (J)

  • High welding joints quality - It offers large weld penetration, minor deformation, pollution-free welding sites, easy and beautiful appearance, no need or just simple post-treatment.  It gives the strongest welds and high quality joints. This innovative system ensures superior quality while delivering 40-100% more output compared to existing conventional welding Systems.

  • Boost profitability - Latest advancement of beam sources and sensor systems reduce operating costs and increase the speed.This machine is known for increasing the efficiency of large scale industrial workflow. Core objective behind making this SLTL Laser system were to lower costs per part (CPP) and costs per cut, reduce lead times and downtime, as well as increase overall productivity, which will inevitably lead to increased profitability.
  • Compact, mobile and yet strong - NOVA is a equipment that combines the toughest quality re­quirements with extreme cost ef­ficiency. SLTL Laser Welding Machine is con­structed very compact and gives the strongest Weld joints. The more strong the weld is the more superior the quality of the product thanks to its modular design, the system can be matched exactly to the part­icular technical requirements preferred.
  • Extremely user-friendly and ergonomic - You can easily run  Nova easily and smoothly with a user interface. It offers the best design and ergonomics in the most efficient way. Long duration training is not required to run this system for a long due to its easy to understand interface. It saves a lot of time during the production process.
  • Customized setup - Customization is a great strength of SLTL, which allowed to bring advancement in laser welding machine technology allowing to adjust the fixture as per the required work piece within a very short time period , not only this, but also machine allows a modular clamping system to enable a single fixture to hold jobs/ work pieces of any size and shape with an excellent grip.

Features and Benefits

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