SLTL Nova Laser Welding Machine

With fast welding speed, high efficiency, small heat affected zone, high melting temperatures,  high heat conductivity and strong welding joints, the high-power laser welding machine NOVA  from SLTL has become an important piece of equipment to meet industrial laser welding requirements. NOVA is designed to give consistent strength and precision which not only enhances the quality and life of the material welded but gives visually flawless seams. One of its kind laser welding automation system, it can be integrated with jigs and fixtures to enhance productivity. For years SLTL has given the best Laser welding solutions for many Industries like Automotive, Medical, Tubes and Pipes, and Jewelery. SLTL Laser Welding Machine not only develops superior welding machines but also provides suitable welding application solutions customized for customers.

Technical Specifications
Y Axis200 mm
Z Axis200 mm
Wavelength1070 nm
Mode Of OperationPulsed / Continuous-Wave (CW)
Pulse Duration0.05-50 ms
Wall-Plug Efficiency>30%
Overall size (L x W x H)1240 × 795 × 1520 mm
Average Power (W) / Pear Power150 / 1500300 / 3000600 / 6000900 / 90001200 / 12000
Maximum Pulse Energy (J)15304590120
Strong welding joints

Nova is designed to offer large weld penetration, minimal deformation, pollution-free welding sites, and a beautiful appearance with negligible post-treatment. This high-power laser welding machine gives the strongest welds and high-quality joints with utmost precision. Nova ensures superior quality while delivering 40-100% more output compared to conventional welding Systems. The automation enables nova to superbly weld metals like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and others.

Optimized efficiency

The latest advancement in beam sources and sensor systems reduces operating costs at an increased speed. This machine is built by customizing the systems compatible for increasing the efficiency of large-scale industrial workflow. The core objective behind making this SLTL Laser welding system was to lower costs per part (CPP) and costs per weld, reduce lead times and downtime, as well as increase overall productivity, which will inevitably lead to increased profitability. The futuristic automation with jigs and fixtures allows for speedy welding for diversified shapes and complex contours of distinctive profiles.

Compact, yet strong

NOVA is an automation welding system that combines the toughest quality requirements with extreme cost efficiency. The SLTL Laser Welding Machine is constructed in a very compact manner and gives the strongest weld joints in no time. Owing to its modular design this high-power machine ensures; the stronger the weld, the superior the quality of the product will be. It is truly compact and compatible to perform applications on complex shapes and contours.

Extremely user-friendly and ergonomic

Easiest user interfaces for quicker access and smooth operations for welding the diversified shapes and complex spaces with the best quality joints. It offers the best design and ergonomics most efficiently. The automation enables semi-skilled workers to effectively operate and joint the metals with seamless effects at a sheer speed. Nova is curated to save time by eliminating the additional process and post-processing of the welded components.

Customized setup

Customization is a great strength of SLTL, which allows it to bring advancement in laser welding machine technology allowing adjusting the fixture as per the required workpiece within a very short period. Not only this but also the machine allows a modular clamping system to enable a single fixture to hold jobs/ workpieces of any size and shape with an excellent grip.

Features and Benefits

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