SLTL Carbon CO2 Laser Marking Machine

The SLTL Group’s laser carbon laser marking machines are the best fit to aesthetically mark/ engrave or cut the components in lesser time. This CO2 laser is well-suited to process a wide range of non-metallic materials including rubber, leather, plastics, foam, textiles, glass, acrylic, wood, corrugated box, cardboard, paper, 3M stickers, ceramics and many more with the highest precision. Due to their sturdy and compact design, the SLTL’s Co2 lasers can be integrated easily into already installed systems. Laser marking can convey information such as bar codes, batch numbers, traceability solutions, alphanumeric characters, serial numbers, dates, logos, names, images, designs and others.

LaserSealed Co₂
Laser Power30 W
Marking Area60 x 60 mm
Customizable for Automatic Processing

The customization processing feature makes this laser marking and engraving solution reliable with the least human intervention. This smart technology is designed for high-contrast marking or engraving on any non-metal surface. No human expertise is required for coding the user-friendly software of this system.

Flexible & Versatile Marking

Laser marking could be applied to assign serial numbers, barcodes, and dates and also for brandings like logos, names, texts, designs, etc. on ceramics and sanitary ware and all the other non-metals.

The SLTL’s marking process does not involve a physical tool etching the surface of the part, instead, the laser light is focused onto a material producing damage-free, easy-to-read marks.

Powered by Intelligent Technology

This low-power laser marking solution is embedded with an intelligent control system to perform a series or sequences of events intuitively. PLC is added to facilitate the production according to user comfort and the operations on the material are completed in no time. Carbon’s in-built data storage system stores designs that can be used as templates which gives accuracy, consistency and high repeatability for the huge number of marks.

Designed for Ergonomic Comfort

The design of this machine is planned considering easy operations, high efficiency, and comfort of the operator. Strong mechanics facilitates high speed and durability for enhanced productivity and longevity of the machine. The sturdy and smart composition of this futuristic machine gives aesthetic results with unmatchable repeatability.

Intuitive & Advanced Marking

The artificially advanced technology of this CO2 laser machine works intuitively on simple commands. This new tech solution can customize and make the marking unique and feasible for any complex design. It is best suited for high-contrast marking on a wide range of materials. The robust mechanism of this power-packed system enables everlasting marks with minimal clicks.

Highly productive

SLTL’s low-power CO2 laser machine’s consequent elimination of downtime makes the system highly productive and facilitates the marking of large batches in a single go. This new tech solution saves production time with minimum human intervention. It increases the performance/price ratio and achieves high contrast marking on any non-metallic surface.

Intuitive & High-Performance Software

With in-house expertise, SLTL has developed hi-tech software for the most effective marking and engraving applications. The intelligent software extends a smooth and fully automatic production flow. The software’s user interfaces for engraving & marking application is easy to use, flexible & traceable as well making it a perfect solution for everyone in the industry.

Features and Benefits

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