SLTL Ultra Fiber Laser Marking Machine

SLTL Group has been producing benchmark Laser Marking systems. With a range of laser marking machines that are differentiated based on the application; SLTL has been working ahead of time. The smart machines are capable of marking all the materials ranging from metals to non-metals. And the marking possibilities are endless, to name a few; applications like marking/ engraving, coloured marking, rotary marking, hallmarking, printing, coding, and traceability. It incredibly imprints over smaller to larger components. Regardless of whether you are a big or a small firm, established or a Start-up, producing small or large-volume components or handling small or large lot sizes – SLTL’s Ultra laser marking systems ensure the best possible ergonomics and safety at all times. Ultra can be efficiently used for marking medical devices which is challenging for medical device manufacturers.

LaserFiber Laser
Laser PowerW20 | 30 | 50 | 60 | 100 |120
Mode of OperationPulsed
Maximum Peak PowerkW>7.5
Operating TemperatureUp to 40 °C
LensF – Theta
Wave Lengthnm1060 ±10
Working Areamm500 x 500
Overall Size (L*B*H)mm1300 x 850 x 1600
Gross Weightkg180
Travel (Manual / Motorized)mm300
Maximum Job Loadkg100
Para Matrix & Para Vault

Intelligent functions of SLTL’s Laser marking machines have an in-built virtual vault created for storing the best laser marking parameters of previously marked materials. Making the marking operations most convenient, the Para matrix helps in determining the best laser marking result on any given material in no time. This feature helps even those who have very less knowledge about laser marking machine operation to mark or engrave effectively.

Fast Focal Position Adjustment

While marking different sorts of materials, the focal point of the laser is required to be changed in accordance. The variable beam expansion enables you to move the focal position quickly as per your application requirement, promising high-end marking. Such automation makes Ultra a must-buy for industrial marking requirements.

High-Volume Multi-Piece Part Markings

This smart solution can be integrated with automation like multi-stage indexing, multi-stations or other jigs/fixtures for swift marking operations. The safety-interlocked doors provide fast and efficient parts placement and removal for voluminous marking and enhancing productivity.

Intuitive & High-Performance Software

With in-house expertise, SLTL has developed hi-tech software for the most effective marking and engraving applications. One of the key features of the software is its ability to import and store a wide variety of file formats, such as jpeg, png, and vector files allowing operators to easily import existing designs or logos and make them ready for marking. The software also has the ability to create and edit designs, including the ability to add text, graphics, and logos, making it a versatile solution for a variety of industrial applications.

Counterfeit Protection

The smart laser marking solution Neo’s intuitive software comes with counterfeit protection system to prevent unauthorized duplication or replication of the data. These measures are designed to protect the intellectual property rights of the marking data and to ensure that only authorized users are able to use the software. The best part is that the machine generates unique id and codes directly by the software and marks the same on the desired location.

Features and Benefits

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