The SLTL Ultra is an ultrafine marking machine for metal and non-metal marking. It incredibly imprints over small to larger components. Regardless of whether you are big or a small firm, established or a startup, producing small or large-volume components or handling small or large lot sizes – SLTL's Ultra laser marking systems ensure the best possible ergonomics and safety at all times. Whether it's digits, text, codes, marks or logos– as an advanced marking tool, Ultra laser machine can easily mark all these elements and more for a wide range of industries. Ultra can be efficiently used for Marking medical devices which are challenging for medical device manufacturers.

Laser Power
20 Watt | 30 Watt | 50 Watt

Marking Laser
λ = 1064nm laser ; Class 1 Fiber Laser

Guide laser / pointer
Red semiconductor Laser λ = 655nm ; Class 2 Laser

Scan speed 
12,000 mm / second (472"/sec)
≤ 80 Micron (0.004")

Working Area
500  x 500 mm (19.7" x 19.7")
Z- axis
Z- axis Travel
300 mm (11.8")
File format for logo data
Marking shape
Linear, proportional, monospaced, arched
Character types
English uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, symbols, user-registered characters
Standard Codes, Pharma Code, Code 39, Code 128, ITF, NW-7, UPC, etc.
2D codes
QR Code, Micro QR Code, Data Matrix, GS1 Data Matrix, HIBC Code, etc.
Communication Ports
USB connector B, I/O input and output, Emergency
Marking condition 
Cooling method
Controller: forced air cooling / Head: natural air cooling
Power supply
180 to 264V AC, 50 / 60Hz ( Single Phase)
Power consumption
20 Watt - 145 W | 30 Watt - 180 W |50 Watt - 240 W|  (240V AC)
Ambient temperature
0 to +40°C (controller, head). No dew condensation or icing allowed.
Ambient humidity
35% to 85% RH (controller, head). No dew condensation or icing allowed.
Protective structure
IP 51
Operating System
Window 10 Professional
Computer System
Machine Dimension
L x W x H = 1300 x 850 x 1600 mm (51" x 33.5" x 63")
 Machine Weight 180 Kg (400 lb.)
  • Camera Vision Driven Marking - A built in camera in ultra helps not only in precise 2d scanning which allows easy tracking and tracing but also provides a platform for precise and accurate marking. This technology allows to configure with the software.
  • Fast Focal Position Adjustment - While marking on different sorts of metals and materials the focal point of the laser is required to be change in accordance. The variable beam expansion enables you to move the focal position quickly as per your application requirement. This facilitates/ ensures complete protection of the surface.
  • High volume multi piece part markings - With easy access to the engraving table, insert a jig or tray of many pieces for high-volume workflows. Parts placement can be easily accomplished by placing the part or tray of parts through the top window door or through the hinged, front-access door of the laser system. Both of these safety-interlocked doors provide fast and efficient parts placement and removal.
  • Intuitive and high performance software - High Performance software application  that extends a smooth and a fully automatic  production flow. Ultra's application are versatile, adaptable & easy to handle, our user interfaces  for engraving & marking,  which features operations,  that are user friendly, flexible & traceable.
  • Para matrix & Para Vault - Para matrix helps in determining the best laser marking result on any given material. In this , the operator evaluates the Para matrix and selects the best one. Then laser parameters are fetched by the software for that particular option. This feature helps even those who have a very less knowledge about laser marking machine operation. A virtual vault is created for storing the best laser marking parameters of previously marked materials

Features and Benefits

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