SLTL Future X 2D Fiber Laser

SLTL unveils & offers- The Future X a new generation High Power 2D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for high precision sheet metal cutting, as the name suggests, it’s high on its factor X with its matchless instinctive reflexes. The Future X model is equipped with Dynamic Edge Control and a linear motor drive with a rigid gantry structure enabling 3G acceleration. The cost-effective 2D laser cutting system with up to 15 kW fiber laser and higher brilliantly cuts metals like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, and coated and textured metal sheets. Backed with dynamic edge control future X model is ultra-efficient, marvellously effective and its high performance makes it a must for your manufacturing unit.

Laser Power 6kW 8kW 10kW 12kW 15kW
Cutting Thickness on Metals* mm (inch)
Mild Steel (MS) 25 (1”)* 28 (9/8”)* 30 (19/16″)* 32 (5/4″)* 35 (11/8″)*
Stainless Steel (SS) (O2) 10 (3/8”) 10 (3/8″) 10 (3/8″) 10 (3/8″) 10 (3/8″)
Stainless Steel (SS) (N2) 16 (5/8”) 20 (13/16”) 25 (1″)* 25 (1”)* 30 (19/16″)*
Aluminum (Al) 16 (5/8”) 20 (13/16”) 25 (1″)* 30 (19/16″)* 30 (19/16″)*
Brass (Br) 12 (1/2”) 16 (5/8″) 20 (13/16”) 25 (1”)* 30 (19/16″)*
Copper (Cu) 8 (5/16″) 10 (3/8″) 12 (1/2″) 16 (5/8”) 18 (11/16″)
Galvanized Iron (GI)# 3 (1/8″) 3 (1/8″) 3 (1/8″) 3 (1/8″) 3 (1/8″)
Power Consumption** 32kW 40kW 48kW 56kW 68kW
Working Area (X Y Z) 1550 x 3030 x 150mm (60” x 120” x 6”) 1550 x 3030 x 150mm (60” x 120” x 6”) 1550 x 3030 x 150mm (60” x 120” x 6”) 1550 x 3030 x 150mm (60” x 120” x 6”) 1550 x 3030 x 150mm (60” x 120” x 6”)
Maximum Speed (X Y) 220 m/min (4724 ipm)* 220 m/min (4724 ipm)* 220 m/min (4724 ipm)* 220 m/min (4724 ipm)* 220 m/min (4724 ipm)*
Position Accuracy (±)0.0050 mm (0.002”) (±)0.0050 mm (0.002”) (±)0.0050 mm (0.002”) (±)0.0050 mm (0.002”) (±)0.0050 mm (0.002”)
Repeatability (±) 0.020 mm (0.001”) (±) 0.020 mm (0.001”) (±) 0.020 mm (0.001”) (±) 0.020 mm (0.001”) (±) 0.020 mm (0.001”)
Work Piece Weight 900 kg 900 kg 900 kg 900 kg 900 kg
Linear Motor Drive Movement

The Linear motor drive with a rigid gantry structure enables 3G acceleration thus increasing productivity by saving time and rendering precision finish and consistent quality for a longer duration.

Dynamic Motorized Lens

The tool is installed in the laser head for self-driven operation. It automatically changes the focus of the lens as per the object & the application. With an alert auto-focusing function, FutureX can automatically adjust the focus to the most suitable position when processing different materials and thicknesses. This will significantly improve the efficiency of the laser cutting machine, and reduce the piercing time of thick sheets significantly.

Focus on Safety

Though the laser machine utilizes a powerful laser, it is designed with supreme safety standards that enable secure execution across the facilities. This system has enhanced safety with a class-1 enclosure, light curtains, a hermetically sealed cabinet (lp55), and door interlocks. Laser safety windows keep laser radiation intact inside the machine while the cutting process.

Dynamic Edge Control

A laser, when properly focused and set for a material, cuts a part with a sharp edge. Dynamic Edge Control (DEC) decreases inflammation on the edges of the processing materials, synchronized laser with axial motion through the system. The cutting system operates laser power with the axis speed via the dynamic edge control (DEC) mechanism which reduces burning effects at the edges.

Profound Productivity

FutureX is equipped with a High-end 64-bit CNC controller along with a user-friendly operating interface. This magnificent controller responds within nanoseconds which makes the machine super responsive. The laser starts at a predetermined point and continues along the course of the line until the shape has been thoroughly cut. It increases productivity by saving time and executing precision finish.

Auto Sheet Orientation

Speed up the cutting process by eliminating the manual alignment of the sheet for each cutting operation. Auto-sheet orientation feature enables automatic orienting of the program to that angle in which the sheet has been kept which ultimately eliminates the non-productive time of rearranging the sheet.

Process Difficult Sections Precisely

The system with up to 15KW fiber laser brilliantly cuts on Thin To Thick metal components like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, HRC, CRC, and other coated & textured metal sheets with high Precision and can achieve faster cutting speeds. Precise laser cutting can be achieved with Future X which provides complete control over the cutting of different materials. This allows the machine to cut even the complicated profiles or contours precisely.

Anti-collision Mechanism

Equipped with a powerful mechanical structure the FutureX is designed with an anti-collision system. This smart feature allows you to use methods like snipping, sewing, and parabolic leaping to restrict the movement of the sheet when cutting, for uninterrupted material processing. The anti-collision mechanism minimizes non-productive times which can happen due to parts tipping over when cutting thin sheet metal and makes your machine permanently productive.

Fly Cut

One of the key features to process high-speed cutting applications in Fiber laser cutting machines, FLYCUT performs the continuous cutting of the desired shape without lifting up the laser head giving a boost to the processing speed by reducing the head travel movements.

Cooling Point

To minimise melting of sharp edges while cutting thicker materials, a cooling point has been specified for a set time period. Here, the assist gas will be turned on continuously, and the laser will be turned off for the stated time period.