Ermaksan, known as one of the top world wide manufacturer in sheet metal industry, proudly announces its latest shear model to the market, which we call it Variable Rake Hydraulic Guillotine Shear “CNC HVR”.

Blade gap, cutting angle and cutting length adjusted based on material selection and thickness automatically. While providing flexibility for different production parts and waste of time has been completely eliminated by aiming high efficiency.

By choosing CNC HVR which is improved by the engineers of ERMAKSAN, you will bring the modern-day technology to your company with maximum safety, high accuracy and unique ease of use.

Wear resistant blades.
top blade = 4 cutting edge
bottom blade = 4 cutting edge

Portable foot pedal is eligible for single and automatic cutting.

CNC controlled hydraulic blade gap adjustment system.

CNC controlled cutting angle adjustment system.

CNC controller (CYBELEC).

CNC controlled motorized backgauge system.

1000 mm motorized back gauge system with 0.1 mm accuracy.

Front support arms with T slot, ruler and flip stop.

Squaring arm.

Scales with metric and inches.

Cutting line illumination and shadow line.

Emergency stops.

Sliding sheets.

Swing up backgauge.

Stainless blades.
Excellent cut, perfect speed - It can cut all kind of metal sheet to maintain the highest production capacity with maximum precision and quality.
Front support arms - 1 meter (39”) long, measured by mm / inch strong front support arms with T slot and stopper.
Rigid structure - Processed with high precision, dynamic and static rigidity provided strong body.
Foot pedal - Dual positioned pedal allows you to cut automatically.
Movable controller arm - Allows operators to concentrate on job.
Collapsible finger protection - In order to control angled cuttings and drawn lines front part of protection can be pulled up by operator. (Switch protected)
Squaring arm - Makes it easy to handle the work and feeds the material through the cutting area by providing more delicate and quicker cuttings.
Motorized back gauge system - 1000 mm long back gauge with 0.1 mm accuracy.

Features and Benefits

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