ERMAKSAN is a leading brand within the punching market place due to its experience and quality standards. ETP CNC Turret Punch Press quality crowned with hydraulic-free servo drive construction combines the world’s best brands in hydraulic, electronic and mechanical compounds in one machine. Specifically designed to meet customer requirements; its rigid steel structure + mono block frame allows you to punch up to 6 mm thick sheets.

Ermaksan Direct Drive servo punch system.

Fanuc CNC and high precision absolute encoder, dynamic, brushless alfa series servo motors.

3 automatic repositioning clamps and loading switches.

Ermaksan HMI and software.

Aluminum workholder.

Tool lubricating system (Airblow).

Free standing control panel.

Control with foot pedal.

Tools stuck safety system.

1 software (Lantek or Metalix).

27 or 33 turret stations.

Digital oil temperature indicator.

Software for using wheel and forming tools.

Sheet jumping switches.

Scrap box.

Chain protection around the machine (safety system). 
Servo-Electric punching system
20 tons and 30 tons power options
Processing capacity up to 6 mm thick sheet metal
Turret structure with housing
Table options with different dimensions
Ø88.9 maximum punching capacity
Thick turret and index turret structure
27 station and 33 station options
3 automatic repositioning sheet metal holding clamps
O type mono-block rigid body structure
Water cooled hammer system
Tool lubricating system
Aluminum body axis structure
Sheet metal loading system embedded into brush table

Features and Benefits

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