Ermaksan has designed EPL Plasma Tube and Profile series to cut tubes from 50 to 400 mm in diameter precisely with its tube cutting technology. Cuts profiles between 100 and 600 mm. Tube Cutting has a wide range of application such as tanks, pipe lines, power plants, etc. Profile cutting is used for construction, defense industries, and it provides angled cuts with the 5-axis cutting head provided optionally if desired.

Hypertherm EDGE® Connect TC CNC
19" LCD industrial type touch screen
Hypertherm operator panel
Safety module input and output
Ethercat communication system
Remote connection interface
Phoenix interface
Metric and inch gauges.

HyPerformance® HPR130XD® plasma source
Hypertherm manual gas console
Plasma marking

ERMAK THC Automatic High Control Systems
Ethercat communication system
Safety input-output interface module
Nozzle Sensor
Collision Sensor
400 mm Standard Stroke
Laser Pointer

Chuck and centering mechanism
Rotary Tube Pro CAD / CAM Software
ProNest LT CAD / CAM Software

4 Axis (X,Y,Z,D)
4 pieces Mitsubishi AC servo motor and driver
4 pieces planet type Neugart gear box
High accuracy linear rails
High accuracy an silent Atlanta Helis rack and pinion
X,Y,Z axis lgus brand silent cable tray

Cutting table with pneumatic system
Pilz safety PLC module
2 Emergency buttons
6 Mechanical stops
Sensitive and qualified cuts with Hypertherm XD plasma source
Meeting the high speed plasma cutting standards with impeccable filtration system thanks to inner pipe suction design.
High precision for edge cuts and round cuts with the milled teeth helical rack and pinion
Manual support system that provides 50-400 diameter pipe cuts
Advanced Height control unit designed for plasma cutting
A design that protects mechanical parts from fumes or impacts
EDGE Connect CNC control unit is easy to use and efficient
Software Rotary TubePro Cad/Cam
Marking specialty
Feature of returning backward and continue to cut where ever needed
Large utilization area like tank manufacturing, pipe line etc.

Features and Benefits

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