The EPL 5 Axis provides an advanced solution where more than one angled cuts are possible. Allows savings from additional operations by cutting different contours without slag. Processes aluminum, stainless and normal sheet types very flexibly. Automatic angle adjustment technology minimizes the production time.

Hypertherm EDGE® Pro CNC
19" LCD industrial type touch screen
Hypertherm operator panel
Safety module input and output
Ethercat communication system
Remote connection interface
Phoenix interface
Metric and inch gauges.

HyPerformance® HPR130XD® plasma source
Hypertherm manual gas console
Plasma marking

5 Axis cutting head IMATECHNO

ProNest CAD/CAM Software

5 Axis (X,Y,Z,A,B)
5 pieces Mitsubishi AC servo motor and driver
5 pieces planet type Neugart gear box
High accuracy linear rails
High accuracy an silent Atlanta Helis rack and pinion
X,Y,Z Axis lgus brand silent cable tray

Cutting Cable with pneumatic system
Pilz safety PLC module
2 Emergency buttons
6 Mechanical stops
True Hole technology
True Bevel technology
True Hole Technology - Patented True Hole technology developed for carbon sheets is a specific combination of cutting parameters optimized by different hole dimensions and material thickness values.
More Work In Less Time - Saves you time by minimizing the production time thanks to its automatic angle adjustment technology.
Ease Of Use - All angles are calculated automatically in 5-axis cutting technology. The angle value that shall be entered manually by the operator during the cutting operations is generated automatically.
Flexible Solutions- Provides ease of use for the operator while offering its users flexible solutions with its structure suitable for automation.
True Bevel Technology - As part of Hypertherm's SureCut technology, True Bevel technology for HPRXD and XPR plasma systems is a performance application for mild steel. Factory tested and easily implemented, it takes the guesswork out of the plasma bevel-cutting process.

Features and Benefits

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