SLTL Group has been producing benchmark Fiber Laser Marking Machines. It is the collective and constant work of our highly experienced research scholars, laser specialists, engineers specialized in the fields of software, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation. We give utmost emphasis to the R&D activities that has lead us to bring path-breaking Fiber Laser Marking Solutions. These Laser Engraving & Marking Systems are highly adaptive and excellently capable and have acknowledged globally.

Spectral Characteristics
Wavelength 1060 ± 10nm

Optical Characteristics
Average Power 50 W
Single Pulse Energy 1 mJ @ 50 KHz
Polarization type Random
Power Tunability 10 -100%
Pulse Repetition Rate 50 - 80 kHz
Pulse Duration 110 ns
Power Stability 5 % (max.)
Inbuilt Guide Laser 0.5 mW, 660 nm
Wall-plug Efficiency >30%
Spot Diameter 21 μm
Focusing optics F: 77 mm

Beam Characteristics
Beam Quality (M2) <1.5 mrad or better
Beam Ellipticity >90 %
Beam Diameter (1/e2) ̴ 6 - 9 mm
Controller & CNC system
Axis Travel
Machining area (X&Y) 100 x 100 /150 x 150 mm2
Motorized Z- Axis Travel 50 mm
Drive Servo Control Drives
CNC Table travel speed (X&Y ) Minimum ≤ 0.01 mm/s
Maximum ≥ 60 mm/s
Resolution/accuracy ≤ 0.01 mm
Vision system Integrated Coaxial vision system
along with Software for focusing
Cooling Air Cooled
Electrical Power 230V/50 Hz
Mark- Pro Software For marking, sawing and drilling
and movement of CNC table; with suitable operating system.
Computer system Integrated computer system with GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Excellent Beam Profile for superficial & deep marking
  • Motorized Axis for faster focusing
  • Compact in size
  • User friendly CNC Controller software Mark-Pro
  • Integrated Coaxial vision system along with Software for focusing

Features and Benefits

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