SLTL Group's ‘Infinity F1’ 2D fiber laser cutting system incorporates all the features needed to take your plate cutting to the next level.  A highly responsive CNC control with powerful nesting software pilots the system.  The rigid machine structure, servo motors and helical rack and pinion drives deliver excellent accuracy and repeatability for many years.  The standard table changer keeps you up and running while unloading finished parts and loading new material.  Equipped with a High Power IPG Laser from 1kW to 15 kW, it cuts mild steel (MS), stainless steel (SS), aluminum (AI), brass (BR), copper(CU), titanium (Ti), galvanized, coated sheets and more. An autofocus cutting head with an automatic height sensing unit makes part set up quick and easy.

Max. Working Range
Model 3015
X Axis mm 1550 mm (61")
Y Axis mm 3100 mm (122")
Z Axis mm 300 mm (11.8")

Max. Workpiece Weight
Model 3015 
900 kg (1984 lb.)

Positioning Precision
 +-0.05 mm/meter (0.0005"/')

+-0.02 mm (0.0008")

Max. Acceleration
m/s' 20 (2.0 g)

Tube Cutting
Max. Thickness 3mtr 6mtr
Max. Working Range
(X x Y x Z) Axis mm 2200 x 3100 x 300
Maximum pipe size 
Round 15 to 180 mm (.59" to 7")
Square 15 to 150 mm (.59" to 5.9")
Rectangular 15 to 150 mm (.59" to 5.9")

Maximum job Weight
90 kg (198 lb.) 3 meter
150 kg (330 lb.) 6 meter

Maximum pipe cutting Length
2500 mm (98.4") 3 meter
5500 mm (216.5") 6 meter

4 Jaw Chuck Dia.(Feeding chuck)
200 mm (7.9")

Manual / Auto
  • Power Chuck - Chuck by changing the gas path, the usual four-jaw chuck linkage, optimizing cutting different diameters and no need to adjust the jaw. It is easy to setup and centered. Also, easy switching of different diameters resulting substantial saving setup time.
  • Profound productivity - Infinity F1 is equipped with High-end 64 bit CNC controller along with an user-friendly operating interface. This magnificent controller responds within nanoseconds which makes the machine super responsive.  The laser starts at a predetermined point, and continues along the course of the line until the shape has been cut out. Not only this, but also the  Linear Motor Drive built with robust gantry structure enables 3G acceleration and thus increases productivity by saving time and executes precision finish.
  • Automatic Pallet Changer - Infinity F1 Come with a Customized system for pallet changeover is available as per the prerequisites of your industrial application. This automatic mechanism is designed for production facilities which have the concept of continuous production which even have low maintenance cost.
  • Fly Cut - This feature ignites the laser beam as per cutting profile during which the speed of axis remains same. The Operator could relatively reduce the working time and thus experiences a increasing trend in productivity.
  • Online clearance control - The laser head maintains a consistent gap with the material. If in case of varying material property, the laser head could be adjusted online through the software, during operation so as to get the proper cut quality with precision & accuracy.
  • Software : Leading To Effective Work - Infinity F1 comes with Cyp cut software - One stop solution for not only for machine but also for automated equipment which can be used for planning, monitoring and controlling the production process. This helps in boosting the operational efficiency and thereby making the production process more profitable and reliable.

Features and Benefits

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