Valgro Plasma Gas Cutting & Dross Removal

Valgro Plasma Intro

Valgro De-Slugger Series Machine ideal for Slug & Dross Removal Slug and Dross removal from plasma and gas cut parts and replace chipping and Manual grinding operation.  Valgro India set benchmarks in innovative sheet metal processing through highly effective. It is ideal for two-sided deburring and edge rounding of punched, laser, and high definition plasma cut workpieces using only one work process. It removes plasma arc efficiently saving up to 60% of operational costs.

Plasma gas cut parts deburring machine is made for uniform sanding on all edges, leaving a fine scratch pattern on the surface. Valgro De-Slugger Series is suitable for class 4 and 5 burr which included dross and slug. It is fully automated to deburr all edges without any hassle. It consists of multi heads deburring and sanding station, the heads spin around to create the edge radius on metal parts. Different brush grits combination is also possible to operate different surfaces of the parts.

Wide Belt +
Disc Brush
Multi Head

Scope Of Work 
slag / dross
+ Deburring
+ Edge Rounding

Burr Classification
Class #1
Class #2
Class #3
Class #4

Working Thickness
Up to

Material Specification
Hot Roll
Carbon Steel

Available Model
  • Removal of slag/dross on carbon steel in a single pass
  • Deburring and Edge radius in a single pass of a laser-cut part.
  • Grinding and Calibration with a multi-head working system
  • Multi-head deburring and Edge rounding station
  • Sturdy and latest technological System
  • Dry operation dust extraction system 
  • Adjustable Pressure on each station
  • Easy abrasives brush replacement
  • Adjustable conveyor speed (belt/roller) 
  • Emergency security switch
  • Reversal conveyor speed for emergency control

Features and Benefits

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