Valgro Side Edge Deburring & Finishing Manual

Valgro Side Edge Intro

The Valgro Side Edge Deburring and Finishing machine is designed to remove micro metal burr formations after cutting processes like shearing, punching, etc. It especially works on the metal side and edges deburring for removing burrs created from sheet external perimeter. This deburring is required in some cases for aesthetic reasons, while some industrial units utilize it to round the edges for safety reasons.

Klean Burr

Deburring wheel/disc

Scope of Work
+ Finishing
+ Cleaning

Burr Classification
Class #1
Class #2

Working Thickness
0.8mm - 12mm

Material Specification
Sheet metal parts

Available Mode
  • Sheet Metal Processing¬†
  • Side Edge wall grinding
  • Top Shear edge deburring
  • Micro Joint Removal
  • Two Deburring wheel station is working on from side
  • Top and side edge deburring by abrasive deburring wheel
  • Tilt the sheet for another side deburring.
  • Sheet Auto Feed Conveyor Transport system
  • Easy abrasives tools replacement
  • Emergency security switch
  • Reversal conveyor speed for emergency control

Features and Benefits

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