Valgro Samarth Edge Round Laser Cut & Press Punch

Valgro Samarth Intro

SAMARTH Classic Series Deburring & Finishing Machine is suitable for metal finishing and deburring at an affordable price with many standard features. The classic series abrasive belt deburring machine for grinding and radius edges of the final sheet metal and other flat parts. This is an automatic feed-hard machine with a belt, the machine will defrost and sand the radius for sharp edges on cut out parts. Sanding into the conveyor belt is possible without damaging the belt. The machine works with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and many other types of metals.


Scope of Work
+ Grinding
+ Hairline

Burr Classification
Class #1
Class #2
Class #3

Working Thickness
Up to 100mm

Material Specification
Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper sheet metal parts

Laser cut & Fine Blanking for stainless steel, Aluminum

Available Mode
WBC 06
WBC 12
WBC 24
WBC 32
WBC 50
WBC 62

SAMARTH Classic Series Deburring & Finishing Machine is available from 400mm to 1600mm with multiple head options. 

It offers dual infeed and outfeed pinch rolls to ensure parts feed throughout the machine uniformly. 

It is compatible with a Belt, drum, disc, brush, or combination of all these accessories as per your industrial requirements. 

Its thickness measurement control can be between 1mm to 50mm of parts. 

It can be configured with an automatic abrasive belt tracking to ensure proper belt alignment during operations.
  • External Electrical Control Panel 
  • Separate electrical control for all function
  • Dry operation dust extraction system
  • Adjustable Pressure on Polishing station
  • Easy abrasives brush roller replacement
  • Adjustable conveyor speed (belt/roller) from) o.5 to 20 MPM
  • Different brush grits combinations are possible to perform different surface treatment
  • Emergency security switch
  • Reversal conveyor speed for emergency control

Features and Benefits

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