Micro-Bend CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Micro-Bend Intro

Don’t You Have Much Space as Usage Area? Then, we recommend you the most efficient and smallest of its class, the Hydraulic Press Brake Micro-Bend. Micro-Bend which stands out with its low investment cost, ergonomic design and high efficiency has single axis backgauge, the capacity to bend the 5 mm mild steel in full length with 1m x 40 ton press power.

Bending force
40 Tons

Bending length
1000 mm

3 axes
Y1, Y2, X, Standard
  • SERIAL PRODUCTION WITH LOW STROKE - With low stroke, non-bending times are at minimized level. That is why it has high efficiency.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION - Small, simple bendings provide to bend with maximum efficiency.
  • COMPACT MACHINE - Although it is small, it is a very useful machine with maximum efficiency and general features.

Features and Benefits

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