ECO-Bend Expert CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Eco-Bend Intro

CNC hydraulic press brake Eco-Bend Expert will strengthen your workshop with its low investment cost, high productivity and economic solutions.

Ease of Use
High resolution 9,4” 2D graphic display.
Easy set up and use that meets operator's needs.
Rapid data input with the ergonomic keyboard with large keys.
2D graphic representation of the part.

User Friendly
Programming all the parts in a single page.
Easy installation and training.
Contextual help and warning pop-ups.
99 repeatable bending.
Library of 50 upper and lower tools.
Accurate ram positioning by closed loop control of speed, pressure and parallelism.
Back up facility of the programs, tool library and machine parameters with the standard Cybelec backup software.
Communication with the machine by full-blown graphical programming at the office environment with the standard PC 1200 2D software (offline software).

First Part, Good Part
Easy adjustment with precision by simple access to the machine parameters.
Consecutive program operating feature for high numbers of bend sequence.
Inputting the angle and bend corrections directly on the controller.

All basic functions.
CE safety management.
Easy communication.
More than 20 language options.
Robust and ergonomic design.

  • Machined with high accuracy, dynamic and static stiffness provided.
  • Hydraulic synchronized valve technology with its repeatable bending accuracy helps you get same bending quality on different side of work piece.
  • Upper beam positioning is made by linear scales with 500 times in a second and with 0,0025 mm precision rate.
  • Automatic calibration feature helps axis reference itself at the beginning.
  • Single axis back gauge (X=500) system moves fast on a ballscrew shaft.
  • Switched side doors for your protection.
  • Cromed and honed hydrolic cylinders keep its precision even in high tonnages.
  • Bottom tool holding unit allows you to use partial bottom tools.
  • HOERBIEGER hydrolic system.
  • Perfect bending results are achieved repeatedly by synchronized valf technology on cylinders.
  • SIEMENS electric systems.
  • 4V Bottom die allows you to make variety of bendings on different thicknesses.
  • Easy to use and movable control unit allows operator to choose his working position.

Features and Benefits

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